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Floor Spring Door Hinges Floor Spring Door Hinges

Floor Spring Door Hinges

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Pressed Iron Steel


Heavy Duty Door Hinges

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Floor Mounted Door Hinge for Heavy Duty Doors


Interior or Commercial Glass Door, Steel Doors, Wooden Doors, and more.


Maximum Door Weight 80kg for each Floor Hinge


Polished, Satin, Matte Black, Satin Brass, Satin Gold, White, custom-made hardware finishes are acceptable.




Floor Spring Hinges


Item NO.: PH-200

Materials: Pressed Iron Steel

Applications: Commercial Glass Doors, Steel Doors, Wooden Doors,etc.

Door Weights: 80 Kg.

Products Warranty: 2 years


Find the perfect floor spring hinges for your commercial or residential glass doors, steel doors, wooden doors, and more. Our PH-200 floor spring hinge is designed to hold doors up to 80kg in weight and a maximum width of 800mm, making it perfect for a variety of applications. This high-quality hinge is easy to install and comes complete with door clamps and patch fittings for added convenience. Shop King Hardware for the best selection at factory prices and experience the difference our products can make in your home or office.


Hardware Finishes: Polished, Satin, Matte Black, custom-made hardware finishes are acceptable.


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